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Just when you think ur own the straight and narrow their are so many things that happen that make you lose focus and make it harder to keep on ur path rite now i just celebrated my birthday and i wanted to start a new part in my life tht didnt involve me messing up but i realized that there are so many people out there who want me to fail and i realized that those kinds of people out there will never get that far in life cause if all they had to look forward to is me not being kept on my path then those people suck! they'll never get anywhere if life. Dont get me wrong im no saint and never will be ill always have apart of me that just wants to kick someone's ass. but that's okay im not perfect but im not bad either. i want to spend my last 2 years of high school being as happy as possible. im going to keep my head in the clear. and im going to turn me into a person tht ive always wanted to be. 

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